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Her last name might be Shy, but that definitely doesn’t mean she’s shy in front of the cameras. Her name in full is Natasha Shy, and she’s here to show you a love in she calls Lesbian Poetry. It’s a cute site that’s all about Natasha and her good-looking and horny friends. You can see her in a wide variety of photo sessions and they always result in a sensual and sexual thrill!

With Natasha, she is here lying around with her friend, just enjoying the sunny day with their cute, summer frilly clothes. They begin to admire each others’ bodies as they casually begin to strip out of their clothes. Almost without hesitation, the tops come off and their cute, perky breasts are exposed for the joy and pleasure of their admiring audience as well as their cameraman. The bottoms begin to come off and their cute, shaved boxes begin to gleam in the sunlight for the world to see. They begin to play with each others’ behinds before getting their tongues dangerously close to one another’s pussies.

From there, the fun just goes all out. Fingering each other’s cute pussies, tonguing each other from behind, embracing one another fully nude as they can’t get bored whatsoever. They go spread eagle, showing everything God gave them in their birthday suit. They do just about everything, and eventually embrace and masturbate each other before eventually reaching a mutual climax. Afterwards, they rest in each others’ arms, content knowing their friendship is that much more special.

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I love the way that teen girls like Natasha are so sexual and relaxed about masturbation. Natasha has no qualms about playing with her sweet cunny in front of the camera. When she’s relaxing at home is when she likes to get dirty the most. She sets up her web camera and lays back and gets into a good fantasy about some guy with a big cock and starts stroking her pretty pussy and pretty soon she’s good and wet. She dips her fingers in and out of her moist hole and sighs in pleasure. This girl has such a good time I could swear that she completely forgets that the camera is even there. Either that or she is totally turned on knowing that there are going to be tons of men checking her out. Whatever – as long as she keeps making those dirty pictures available to all of her fans that are sitting there stroking their meat as she gets off.

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Girls just get into all sorts of mischief, given the chance. Something that is supposed to be slow, sensual, and seductive can become a gigglefest of epic proportions when you get a couple of girls that love to make trouble. There are some girls that you can almost never keep serious, but somehow for all the mischief they get into, you have to forgive them because they also come out with some of the hottest fun.

Natasha is notorious for taking a serious time and running it right into the ground because she just can’t help but make mischief. It doesn’t matter what you try to do with her, because she’ll just have her own way. This time she had one of her friends over and was supposed to do a nice, slow, sensual cabin scene…but then she discovered all the fruit and treats she had for snacks. We didn’t even know she had the cream until a couple of lovely young teen tits were covered in them! From there, there was no way that things were going to stay serious, so we just let her run with things. It’s never actually a bad idea when we do though, because she always seems to get her friends doing things that are naughtier and more wicked then they would ever do otherwise!

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Natasha Shy is one of the sexiest teens on the internet and you can see her here in all her glory. This little brunette sex kitten is a spinner waiting for you to teach her how to fuck. No one is that good their first time. Natasha looks like an innocent teen, but she is really a dirty girl that likes to fool around with girls and guys to help get over her shyness. But who’s kidding who, this teen is just very horny and looking to have as much kinky sex as she can.

Sexy Natasha is sweet as honey, but wild like an untamed tiger. This is exactly the type of girl you want because she can make all your wildest sexual fantasies come true. Her small tits and tiny nipples are big enough to play with while you finger her tight twat. Once the juices start to flow and she begins to moan, watch out because you are hers. She won’t stop until she’s satisfied. But she is considerate and she’ll make sure you get off too. Break out your dick and show her what you have, and she will make sure you have a great time.

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There is nothing like a girl that looks like she is totally sweet but is a complete dirty girl underneath her quiet demeanor. And this girl is exactly what I’m talking about. When you see her on the street you would only expect her to be headed to school or the library or maybe the coffee shop where she’d be reading a book in another language. But it is more likely that she’s headed off somewhere secluded so that she can play with her pussy in peace and quiet – or maybe even in front of the camera. You see this sexy young thing is always horny and she can barely keep her hands out of her panties long enough to go anywhere. That’s why she always looks like she is in a rush.

You’re not going to be able to resist those young and innocent looking eyes and that fine body of hers. She’s all sweet and pure looking but the girl loves to fuck and she loves masturbating in front of the camera so that guys like you can wank off while you’re watching her. In fact, that is one of the things that turns her on more than anything. She gets so horny when she thinks about the hundreds and thousands of men all over the world that have their dicks in their hands as the watch her fingering her pussy. And you could be one of them.

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There is a lot of porn out there on the Internet but I know you all want something a little different. You’re tired of the jaded porn stars with their stretched out twats and their jaded eyes. You want fresh and new and that is exactly what you will get with Natasha. Natasha is a sweet faced teen babe and she’s convinced that they only way to get over her shyness it to get out there and get naked and get over it.

Since she’s always been a little bit curious about other girls she was thrilled to find out that she would be playing with the sexy Ivana who is far from shy but still very sweet and alluring. She’s a sexy teen babe who loves to fool around with girls just like Natasha and teach them how much fun it can be to be with a girl. She can’t wait to get her hands on sweet Natasha and those cute little tits of hers. When she finds out how wet Natasha is you know what is coming next! Ivana can’t wait to get her tongue on that pretty pink gash! This is one hot scene that you are not going to want to miss!

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Nothing beats a skinny girl with small little tits, tiny nipples and a smooth shaved pussy. There are so many great examples of cute young teens with small little tits on the internet, it’s really just a matter of where to even begin. A girl of any age with small tits is a delicious package because typical with little tits comes a tight body and little ass. Plus a skinny little thing like this is a great boost for any guys ego. Nothing makes your cock looks bigger than a skinny girl with little tits bouncing on and off of you man shaft.

A skinny little fuck treat no matter what else you may get with the deal. Another great thing about little tits is that you can fit one whole tit on your mouth while licking at her hard nipple. One thing that is little known about chicks with small little tits is their willingness to please you with all their holes as a way to somehow “make up” for having small tits. Like we need that! Small tits is what we crave anyway, hot available holes is just icing on the cake. Make my tits small little things for fun!

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First of all, Natasha Shy is definitely not so shy. This girl is a great example of a teen that can do it all. Always happy to give us the best in sexual entertainment, Natasha is a household name when it comes to great hardcore teen fucking. Whether it’s her solo stuff, her lesbian scenes or the great hardcore stuff, she really shows us what it means to be a pro in this industry. It takes takes a serious commitment to cock, cunt and cum to get where she is now.

A willingness to have her tiny little teen holes filled by everyone and everything is paramount. Hands down, I have never seen such a tiny teen able to take thick cock in that gorgeous asshole so easily. What a huge turn on to know that a girl like this exists: ready, willing and able. Not to mention, that same cock she’s willing to stuff in her ass she will also jam down her throat and pump until the cascade of cum fills her up. There is no doubt in my mind that if you had to choose just one person to stroke your cock to it would have to be Natasha Shy every time.

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Natasha shy is the mother lode in the mine that is internet porn. She is a rare find indeed when it comes to teens that work in the porn industry. Natasha has a real work ethic when it comes to fucking, sucking, fingering and licking girls, guys or both. A true tasty morsel of sexual adventure, always ready to have one or all holes creamed or gaped, Natasha will never disappoint. This girl specializes in treating fat cock to a warm pussy treat.

Natasha shy is the fuck pet you have always wanted to bring home. Maybe your wife wouldn’t let you, however when she sees this teat in action she will surely change her tune. Natasha can keep up with all the pussy the internet has to offer, young, old, amateur, pro it doesn’t matter because Natasha shy was built to fuck like a true champion of hard cock.

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It must be nice to go where the summers never end, and you can bathe in the sun and water all year round. It attracts the hottest girls that love to show off their bodies and revel in the light. These sun worshippers love to feel it all over their bodies, and will do whatever they can to keep the summer going even as fall descends and the nights get longer.

Natasha denies the loss of summer every day she can, she finds herself at poolside as much as possible and tries to get her daily dose of sun. Since she is such an exhibitionist she loves to get pictures of her various swimsuits, especially as she strips out of them to get the most sun possible on her body. She loves it when the sun caresses over her amazing little breasts and there is nothing better for warming her up then the sun caressing her between her thighs. She will spend hours in the water and soaking up the sunlight, while she teases and pleasures herself over and over again. This hot little sun worshiper will hold on to summer as long as she can, so we can keep worshiping her amazing body.

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Some girls take the opportunity to get out on a boat to lounge, fish, or just go out on the water for a bit of fun in the sun. Those are the girls that don’t have any kind of adventure in their blood or bones, or they lack the exhibitionist touch, so they end up missing out on some of the opportunities for real mischief out on the water. You can find so many little secluded corners of streams and rivers where a girl can feel the sun on her bare skin and take some time to herself.

Luckily Natasha knows quite a few little turns of river where a girl can have some private time. So when she took a weekend fishing and got bored, she knows exactly how to spice things up for herself. It’s not just a case of sunbathing, though she usually starts doing that, but when she pulled out her little pink toy, we knew her exhibitionist side took over. She may be a sweet little girl most of the times, but when she is out where she might get caught, she just has to push her luck. She stripped down and flashed her cute little tits and shaved pussy to a passing boat, but they didn’t get to see the real show when she decided to see just how well her pink plug would fit inside her tight little pussy.

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Sun, wind, beautiful girls, there are some things that are just simple, good and you aren’t going to find any fault with them. It’s better when you can combine, two, or at best, three of those lovely things all at once, which is not hard when you get a girl that has no shame, and loves to feel the sun and wind caress over her body.

Natasha visited a friend, and when she saw that he had a lovely outdoor loft where she could sun herself she was pretty much gone, all we could do was follow along with the camera as she cavorted in the sung. She loves the weather so much it is almost like someone physically caresses her, and she gets turned on so much that she just has to put one of her new toys to use. Her new white dildo disappearing into her body is almost as good as the expression on her face when she cums in the sunlight.

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Life goes on, even when things may not always go a girl’s way. After all, when the shower goes down, there still has to be a way to clean up, right? A girl just might have to get a bit creative in her usage of water so that she uses it to maximum effect as she tries to get nice and clean.

Natasha may have discovered that her shower wasn’t working, but she figures she might as well get cleaned up in the sink. Of course, when she strips down she ends up getting a little distracted from her attempted bath in the sink. With a body like that I’m sure we’d all get distracted too! Once her fingers slip into her tight, shaved little pussy there’s not much that’s going to stop her from getting all dirty once again. She does remember to clean up a little though, if you consider soaking her pussy in a stream of hot water a good cleaning job!

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I enjoy jerking off to teen Natasha Shy. This girl is a wickedly beautiful brunette teen that seems to capture the attention of men everywhere. She’s got a unique figure, a tight, petite and legal body just waiting to be fucked. Looking at her tightly toned figure and charming, beautiful face, you’re going to find that your dick will certainly rise to the occasion, especially when she turns around with her tight panties on. She’ll tease and flash the camera, bearing those sweet, delicious tits to the camera for all to see. She loves masturbating too! She can’t seem to keep her fingers off her tight wet pussy either. Once her panties are pulled down, it’s a free for all with this girl. She loves to stroke, finger fuck and experience orgasm after orgasm while being filmed. Do you like what you see? This lovely girl knows exactly how to hit the right spots at the right time. You’re going to like seeing teen Natasha Shy masturbate on camera too! Her pussy is so tight and juicy, you’re going to want to see every available moment of footage that you can get your hands on. I guarantee you that you will resort to jerking off when you see teen Natasha Shy masturbating each and every time!

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Natasha Shy is my favorite European teen beauty and she should probably be illegal. Thank god she’s not though because this tight young thing is the proverbial minx. I have enjoyed watching her do great solo work, getting herself off like a seasoned pro. I have also loved watching her take control of other cute lesbian teens. More recently however, she has been finally getting into the world of hardcore cock fucking. This has been a huge reward for those of us who have been waiting and watching for her entry, or rather for her to enter into this category. What a great treat!

We all suspected she was bred for taking fat cock and she doesn’t disappoint. It’s always a plus to see a girl as skinny as Natasha take really big cock. Let’s face it, there isn’t a guy out there who hasn’t been dreaming of a chance to at least rub his cock head against those smooth pussy lips and bump that rock hard clit of hers. Rest assured though, Natasha is still open to doing beautiful teen lesbian scenes with her friends Ivana, Beata and Vika. Now that’s a wet dream waiting to cum true.

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a sweet sexy teen fuck toy like this one? This sweet little thing can do a hell of a lot more than put on a strip show too. The great thing about this girl is that she is all action with all holes being an option for my cock. When you like them young these barely legal chicks like this are worth a serious look. There’s nothing as hot as a lithe tender young thing all stretched before you naked as the day they were born.

Those tiny tits and cute little luscious ass are hallmarks of great teen sexuality. However, when you get to that beautiful fuck flower of a pussy and see her glorious brown eye you know that this one is not just for show anymore. This skinny little girl has obviously been built and trained for hardcore fucking only. If you look around for movies and pictures of her you will see that not only will she let you put cock anywhere but, she’s also not afraid to eat a little teen ass and pussy herself. So if you are in the market for sweet sexy teen action, here you go.

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First of all, Natasha Shy is definitely not so shy. This girls is a great example of a teen that can do it all. Always happy to give us the best in sexual entertainment, Natasha is a household name when it comes to great hardcore teen fucking. Whether it’s her solo stuff, her lesbian scenes or the great hardcore stuff, she really shows us what it means to be a pro in this industry. It takes takes a serious commitment to cock, cunt and cum to get where she is now.

A willingness to have her tiny little teen holes filled by everyone and everything is paramount. Hands down, I have never seen such a tiny teen able to take thick cock in that gorgeous asshole so easily. What a huge turn on to know that a girl like this exists: ready, willing and able. Not to mention, that same cock she’s willing to stuff in her ass she will also jam down her throat and pump until the cascade of cum fills her up. There is no doubt in my mind that if you had to choose just one person to stroke your cock to it would have to be Natasha Shy every time.

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It’s great when you get a sweet little girl that has a buried naughty side. They try to act innocent, but buried beneath them are the wicked little girls that are used to doing whatever they can to get what they want. They may start out with just a tease, but when they start getting what they want, they give up more and more until their truly naughty side comes to the surface. When that happens, they let everything go and they become sizzling hot sultry little temptresses.

Sweet Natasha has the innocent act down perfectly. Even when she shows up wearing almost nothing, you almost can’t believe the naughty, wicked things she is willing to do to herself, and for those who are watching her. It only starts when she pulls her top down and shows off her petite little tits, that is just the start of the slope she goes down. When she shows off, she gets turned on, and then the wicked little girl comes out. She starts with playing her cute breasts, but then quickly can’t keep her hands out of her bottoms. She tries to tease by not letting anyone see what is going on, but that doesn’t last and she has to show off her tight little shaved pussy. The minx gets so turned on by then that she is all ready soaking and she begs for any excuse to fuck herself with her fingers. She lets it all go, and she can’t keep up any pretense of her innocence when she cums with her fingers deep inside her young pussy.

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It takes a little bit to get a sweet little girl to let go and let her nasty side out. Even when they are ready to tease and tempt like a naughty little girl, they like to keep the illusion that they are the sweetest little girls you will ever find. It’s only when they know that they have you locked in, and that you will be addicted to the samples of their sweetness that they pull you in and show you what nasty little girls they can be. It doesn’t matter though, because no matter how nasty they get, and how much they show off how horny and naughty they are, they still will be the sweet little hot girl.

Teen Natasha Shy is always the sweet little girl to start. She knows how cute she can be with a little flower, a little smile, and a little flash of her perky breasts. She wants you to see her as a little nymph that dances and shows off her body so freely, because then she can trap you with the revelation that she is not the cute little nymph, she is a smoking hot pixie girl. She wears the least clothing possible, because as soon as she can she is going to strip them off so she can get to her tight little pussy. She teases not just because she loves the tease, but because it gets her hot and wet. The tease is there to stoke the fires; she loves it when she knows everyone is drawn in, because that way even more can see her as this pixie buries her fingers into herself and coaxes orgasm after orgasm from her body.

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Natasha Shy on bike

Natasha Shy on bike

It’s always hot when a cute little teenager finds a creative way to get her exercise, especially when they love showing off their hot little bodies. Some of these barely-legal hotties have an exhibitionist streak in them, and have no problems giving everyone a show while they get in their workout.

This sexy young teen Natasha Shy had her custom bike that she loves riding around, especially when she can give everyone a show as she does her rounds nude. She stripped down quickly enough, because she couldn’t wait to show off her tight, shaved pussy and cute little breasts before she went out riding. She really got off on the idea of people catching her biking in the nude, especially since the bike seat rubs right up against her clit. Before she even went out of the house her bike seat was practically soaked because she was looking forward to all the lovely orgasms she has when out on her rides.

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Natasha Shy Gallery
Natasha Shy Gallery

Wow! Check out these two beautiful Russian teen models. They are both tall and thin and have nice tight curves in just the right places. They have small but perky tits and nice firm round butts. Delicious!

Natasha Shy has her friend Ivana Fukalot over and they are getting naked together and playing with each other. Now, Natasha Shy is technically still a virgin (so she claims) but not Ivana. Ivana Fukalot has a boyfriend and as you would guess from her nickname she does a lot of fucking.

Normally, Natasha Shy is the corrupting influence on her friends, but this time she takes a back seat to Ivana. If you like you can see more of Ivana Fukalot on her blog. These sex crazed teens have some extremely erotic adventures and it’s all on video for us to watch.

Natasha Shy Gallery
Natasha Shy Gallery

Every time I see a swimming pool I’m looking around hoping to see a Russian teen taking off her clothes. What good is a swimming pool unless you have a cutie like Natasha Shy stripping out of her clothes? Natasha may by a shy girl but she is not shy about taking off her clothes. I think she is something of a exhibitionist as she enjoys letting others check out her slim body and tight curves. She also likes to show off her tight little pussy.

Natasha Shy started her own website when she was 18 years old. She is now 19 and she gets a little bit more kinky and experimental as she gets older. Her website has great videos and a ton of high-res photos. If you like girls with little boobs that are kinky and a little different then you really should check out her website.

Natasha Shy Gallery
Natasha Shy Gallery

Silly Russian girl! Natasha Shy is always trying strange things! She though it would be fun to clamp her own nipple to a clothes line!!! I bet Natasha is the kind of girl who would get off on having her nipple bitten during sex. And what a sexy nipple she has on those little boobs.

Natasha Shy is 19Yr Old and from Russia. She has her own website where she likes to get totally naked and do all kinds of strange things. Strange, KINKY, things especial with her sexy girlfriends and dildos. She is quite a beautiful girl in her own way. She is entertaining and sexy.

Natasha Shy Gallery
Natasha Shy Gallery

One of Natasha Shy’s kinky girlfriends came over. They were playing around with dildo and rubbing each other’s pussies getting all horny. While they were experimenting and trying different sex games we find out Natasha has a think for anal play. She took her toy and stuck it straight in her friends ass and I can’t blame her one bit. A nice young ass like that needs something stuck into it.

Natash Shy is a Russian teen that is 19 years old and she has her own website. She is a strange: she is shy, but she is also an exhibitionist. She is very sexual, but she has very little or no experience with guys. Natasha does have quite a few hot friends and she usually corrupts them and gets them to join her in kinky sex game. If you dig this crazy Russian girl then check out her website and watch her videos.

Natasha Shy Gallery
Natasha Shy Gallery

Most days Natasha Shy is not wearing any panties. She gets a big kick out of lifting her skirt to let random guys see her pussy or her very shapely ass. At 19yr old she has a flawless body and she likes to show it off. Her tits are small but very perky. Her nipples often stick straight out especially when she is aroused. Sometimes she has her pussy totally shaved and at other times it’s well trimmed.

Natasha Shy’s favorite pastime is sticking things in her pussy — any thing she can find. She thinks it kinky and dirty and it turns her on. She is a sex crazed girl. Check out her website if you would like to see more Natasha Shy pics and videos.

Natasha Shy Gallery
Natasha Shy Gallery

Natasha Shy strips nude outdoors for us in this great photo shoot. This Russian teen shows us her sexy young body as she strips off her clothes. 19yr old girls like Natasha Shy look absolutely incredible. Natasha has little bitty tits so if you are a big tit lover she might not be the girl for you. But if you like skinny girls with little tits she is a total doll and you will love checking out all the Natasha Shy Videos.

Natasha Shy may be a little shy but she is no tease – this girl gets completely nude and loves to do kinky things. She has a very demented mind and finds really creative ways to get off. The photographers who do her shoots seem to really know what they are doing. The photos of Natasha Shy are quite nice and they look very professional. The videos are also great. If this girl turns you on like she does me, then have a look at her website.

Natasha Shy Gallery
Natasha Shy Gallery

One of the great things about Natasha Shy is that she has a lot of beautiful girlfriends. And best of all she likes to get naked and play kinky games. Today Natasha Shy and her Girlfriend picked up some BDSM toys and had a little bondage fun. I think Natasha Shy needs to change her name to Natasha Naughty because that would fit her better :)

It’s not every day that you see Russian teens playing with BDSM toys and this is just one example of why Natasha Shy’s website is great – it has a lot of fun and definitely very sexy photo and video shoots. If you like little boobs and Russian Girls, you will love this site. Make sure and stop by and have a look around.

If Natasha Shy’s shaved pussy doesn’t do it for you then check out Ivana Fukalot or Masha’s World, they are also Russian girls that have their own websites.

Natasha Shy Gallery
Natasha Shy Gallery

Natasha Shy is a 19 year old Russian Teen and she has her own website . She is a skinny girl with little boobs and a cute smile. She also has one very flawless ass. The photos and videos in Natasha Shy are of very high quality, whoever her photographer is he does a very nice job. Natasha got her nickname because she is a shy girl and at least till she gets horny and then she turns into a little sex crazed naughty teen. There are many pics and videos of Natasha Shy showing off her shaved pussy – Check out her website if you would like to see more of this sexy Russian girl.

Natasha Shy Gallery
Natasha Shy Gallery

After looking at a lot of Natasha Shy galleries I’ve learned one thing about this Russian teen and that is she really likes to take off her clothes. She doesn’t just strip out of them, she likes to tease the camera and play as she slowly gets naked slowly revealing more and more of her sexy body. As you can see in this pic she has a very flat stomach and very nice skin. She is not really a tease – she has no problem showing you her totally shaved pussy.

I’ve also noticed that Natasha Shy is a very, very, horn girl. She is always sticking things in her pussy, from fingers to vibrators – you name it. She claims to still be a virgin – maybe, but I think she has put everything in her Russian pussy but a dick. She is not a virgin when it comes to playing with other girls. Is she telling the truth? Probably not – but she is still damn sexy. If you like the Natasha Shy and would like to see more of her then check out her main site and watch her full length videos.

Natasha Shy Gallery
Natasha Shy Gallery

Welcome to the Natasha Shy blog. Natasha Shy is a 19 year old Russian teen. She loves to get naked and to show off her completely shaved pussy. Natasha is a very skinny teen and she has little boobs. If you like skinny girls with little boobs you will love Natasha Shy. She is a full time teen model and she is very busy doing photo and video shoots for her site. All the galleries on this blog will be free. If you would like to see the videos or to see the pictures in high resolution then check out her main site.

I hope you enjoy the pics and videos of Natasha Shy – see you tomorrow!